(DECEMBER 2011 - VOL. 5, NO.15)

Development of NaCl-tolerant Line in Tanacetum cinerariaefolium (Trevir.) Schultz-Bip Through Shoot Organogenesis of Selected Callus Line

Gholamreza Abdi, Mohammad Hedayat and Morteza Khush-Khui

Biosorption of Copper Ions by Marine Brown Alga Fucus vesiculosus

Salman Ahmady-Asbchin and Mehdi Mohammadi

Quality of life and Exposition to Unhealthy Lifestyle Risk Factors of Nocturnal University Students from a Greater Metropolitan City

Carlos Kusano Bucalen Ferrari and Roberta Frania Ferreira

Qualitative and Economic Land Suitability Evaluation for Tea (Camellia sinensis L.) in Sloping Area of Guilan, Iran

Mitra Darvishi-Foshtomi, Mehdi Norouzi, Mojtaba Rezaei, Mehdi Akef and Ali Akbarzadeh

Carnation Flowers Senescence as Influenced by Nickel, Cobalt and Silicon

Babak Jamali and Majid Rahemi

Low Temperature Resistance of Developing Flower Buds of Pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) Cultivars

Zahra Pakkish , Majid Rahemi and Bahman Panahi

How Salinity Affect Germination and Emergence of Tomato Lines

Hamed Kaveh , Hossein Nemati, Mohammad Farsi and Safieh Vatandoost Jartoodeh

Sewage Sludge Application in Soil Improved Leafy Vegetable Growth

Maryam Haghighi

Would Trichoderma Affect Seed Germination and Seedling Quality of Two Muskmelon Cultivars, Khatooni and Qasri and Increase Their Transplanting Success?

Hamed Kaveh, Safieh Vatandoost Jartoodeh, Hossein Aruee and Morteza Mazhabi

How May Trichoderma Application Affect Vegetative and Qualitative Traits in Tulip "Darwin Hybride" Cultivar

Morteza Mazhabi, Hossein Nemati, Hamid Rouhani, Ali Tehranifar, Esmat Mahdikhani-moghadam and Hamed Kaveh

Diversity of Community Soil DNA and Bacteria in Degraded and Undegraded Tropical Forest Soils of North-Eastern India as Measured by ERIC–PCR Fingerprints and 16S rDNA-DGGE Profiles

Sorokhaibam S. Singh, Michael Schloter, Subhash Chandra Tiwari and Mamtaz S. Dkhar

A GIS-based Method for Shallow Lake Eutrophication Assessment

Serkut Akdeniz, Feza Karaer, Aslıhan Katip and Ertuğrul Aksoy

In Situ Ruminal Crude Protein and Starch Degradability of Some Grains and By-Product Feeds in Turkey

Hıdır Gençoglu, Hakan Biricik, Çagdaş Kara and İbrahim İsmet Türkmen


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